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Though you mentioned you need to re-run the shell script, but since you would like to know the output of your app, so I guess a nice tool for the task would be “cat” – print the file to stdout.
Can be used like this:
cat -n file | awk ‘{print $0}’

or even like this:
cat -n file | head -n 1 | awk ‘{print $0}’

So you need to remove the -n option from the command if you wish to store the result in a file.
Note that in the case of a shell script, the awk command should be applied after the call. So basically you could remove the awk command from the script.
If you need to edit the script you could use sed:
cat -n file | sed ‘{s#^[^#]*#/tmp/#;p;}’

Note that the first “line” has to be changed.

TechValidate points to a 2018 study from EY which claimed that 90% of CEOs said that if they were still using archaic manual check-list when it came to security, they wouldn’t today. The tech-savvy audience nowadays is more interested in security but don’t have the time to learn everything there is to know about it, so EY claims that this is due to the way many CEOs are conducting their business.

The study conducted by EY probed the bosses in terms of how they would rate their own security skills, revealing that 65% of them are not confident they are able to meet their security security guidelines when it comes to anything manual that is not a part of the core business processes of their organisation. This is thought to be the problem for organisations because the manual approach that is so widely used today is highly outdated. For example, the audit procedures remain manual when the practice has moved on from pen and paper.

So, how can organisations get the best outcome when it comes to security?

Define security processes

There is a well-known saying in the tech industry that, “if you don’t define your terms, you will be at the mercy of someone else’s.” Security should be defined by everyone in the business. Everyone should have a good understanding

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